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[TWITTER COMPIALTION] 140930 JYJ ‘Just Us’ Fansign Event

[TWITTER COMPIALTION] 140930 JYJ ‘Just Us’ Fansign Event

j1 j2 yunjaery
  • Jaejoong put down his fringe in today’s fansign. He kept on eating during the event ���� (Cr: 那个镜子)
  • Today it’s Junsu’s turn to eat whatever fans give! He finished the coffee too �� Yoochun seems rather bored, everyone’s tired. (Cr: 那个镜子)
  • The elephant that Jae drew for a fan…(pic)
  • Junsu: This may be the last fansign. Jaejoong: It has been rather hard in this period. \ Jae then turned…

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